User Research


  • Work on creating a presentation template to report my user research findings.
  • I've been doing a good job of looping in the core team on research and how its affecting design but need to improve how I relay that information to the overall larger group or people who might not been on each step of the way.  
  • Download presentation template here


  • Making a feedback checklist for when Iā€™m presenting work at different stages, early check in, read out of results eat
  • Show the UX critique work that I set up

Design Thinking


  • How can I create tools to help me teach design thinking to designers, developers and project managers.
  • I've come to realized that I do user centered design but my counterparts (visual designer, dev, project managers) are along for the ride but don't necessarily know why we're doing each step. 
  • I want everyone on the team to have a shared understanding of a good product design process that holds me accountable to delivering user centered designs. So they can have an understanding of what the black box of UX Design is. Preach but also show how I'm practicing.