PRoject Overview

UX Design critiques at Morningstar had no guidelines, often leading to long debates with no clear next steps for designers to move forward.





Identifying the Problems





Observing critiques, I noticed the conversations taking place were very solution oriented and lacked consideration for user research process for how to problem solve. There was plenty of room to improve how designers were facilitating and presenting in the UX design critiques, as well as how participating designers communicated their feedback.



  • Next steps always meant a solution rather than constructive meetings  
    or conversations.
  • Design by committee with no user feedback or needs in sight.

  • User research was not viewed as part of the design process.

  • No explicit guidelines on how to critique or how to facilitate a UX critique at Morningstar.

  • Designers didn’t speak about the process they were using in order to get to their solutions, often times not giving good context.



Explored Ideas



Company Shared Guidelines
Create easy to follow guidelines that work for projects at different stages of design, as well as guidelines for designers presenting work and designers critiquing work. 





Make Time Once a Week
Set time aside once a week to critique UX design work.





Meeting Facilitation
Ensure the right conversations are taking place and designers are leaving with clear next steps.





Curated Projects to Critique  
Curate the work being presented prior to critique to formulate productive conversations.




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Solutions and Impact


  • UX designers asked more questions around process and how to understand the problem rather than debating solutions.

  • UX designers who were uncomfortable actively participating in conversations during critique began to reach out with questions they had, allowing me to
    mentor them. 

  • UX designers became interested in learning how the work was being presented and using some of the presentations as templates to present their own work.

  • Designers used critique guidelines for their individual team meetings.


Download Critique Guidelines


Next Step

Continue to empower other designers to become
UX critique facilitators.